Script Consultant

Do you have a script that needs extra attention? Is it not popping in the way that you were hoping it would? I have experience with scripts from multiple genres for many mediums. I'm currently working with various clients on their scripts to ensure they secure the best possible results from their projects. I can help you get your script ready. Whether it's a punch up, restructuring, or just another set of eyes, I can tailor my services to suite you. To hire my skills for your next project be sure to contact me here.

“The feedback I receive is comprehensive and in depth. I don’t write a script that I don’t run by Zachary”

James Barbarossa,


“Zack is an insightful and incisive script editor, with a nuanced understanding of character development and a strong grasp of good structure. He gives clear, empathetic, constructive feedback, and is enormous fun to work with.”

Ella Watts,

Podcast and Radio Professional

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